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, and backed the mayor who raised taxes to improve schools. michael? >> i think the governor is dead on. and i'm very happy and rather proud to hear him put that out on the table. i think the party should talk more about the poor in the context of our policies and the things that we believe will help lift the poor. you know, i ask the questions when i give speeches, how many got up today and said all i want to be is poor. and no one raises their hands. the poor doesn't get up thinking that. i think our party is uniquely poised to do that. and i think the leadership of guys like kasich and others will help frame that argument into the future. if given the opportunity. and they have that sister soldier moment when they say to the rank and file, this is the way forward. not over there in the woods and in the trees, but this way talking about poor and opportunity and all that. >> looks to me like the crazy right is now fighting the reasonable right. as well as the left. >> yeah. >> anyway, thank you michael steele. thank you governor ed rendell. >>> up next, the hit tv show "homeland" now for the
consequences. sometimes you see what happens with regulations and tax code stuff. you have to go back in and make what are called technical fixes. back in the days of tip and gipper, maybe if you lost the fight you bring up a bill and say this is neutral to make this work better. . you could get it past both sides. say we want the program to work. that can't happen now. so therefore obama and the executive -- >> explain why. because you can't get the votes to do anything. >> the republicans would use that is as a way to obstruct. they have to do a lot of this with regulations they otherwise wouldn't do. and it's like throwing gum into the -- >> all these fixes they demand now, they had an opportunity to deliver on right before they got the first part of the health care plan through. then they came around reconciliation. they said we're not giving you a single vote. you've got to do it that way. anyway, republicans continue their efforts to undercut the president's authority by blocking two of its nominees for the supreme court. or the appellate court yesterday. the first was mel watt,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)